A brand is the promise of an experience. When we consider the brands of the world that we all know and love, what makes them special is they offer up an experience, not just a product or service. By bringing that same experience, consistently through each and every aspect of the business, that builds trust.  With trust a brand can create a connection with its audience that evokes feelings, making it memorable and unique and setting it apart from the competition. And when those feelings are positive, that’s what drives loyalty and referrals and makes customers want to experience it again and again.

Is your brand promising an experience?

Do you know if it’s positive or in line with what you want it to be?

Or in sync with your long-term business goals?  


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As your brand coach, these are things we can sort out together by getting really clear on your business goals, who you are, what your brand is about and how it fits into the world, and most importantly, what type of brand experience you can promise to ensure success. 

When working with new businesses and entrepreneurs, I take an inside-out approach. In my CORE branding process, we start at your Core identity, and work our way out through the Opportunistic Needs, your Rivalry and the External Factors. From there we’ll be able to identify what’s at your core and use that to determine how to position your brand in the marketplace. To learn more about my CORE branding process or to discuss how we might approach your brand, please get in touch

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Consider a brand as a promise that

you make to your consumers.

That promise has two parts to it:

what you say you are promising

and what you actually deliver.

Brian D. Till / Donna Heckler