What is Enneagram?
The word "enneagram" comes from the Greek words "ennea" (nine) and "gram" (point that is written or drawn). It is an archetypal model of nine types used for personal development from open systems perspective. It does not box people, rather it measures where you resonate. It provides deeper insight into core motivations and fears driving behavior, needs, and interaction.

Enneagram Coaching Package: 4 Sessions
1. Goal Setting: 
    What would you like to be different?
2. Assessment + Debrief: 
   Identify areas of resonance + blind spots.
3. Insights + Integration: 
   Which insights support your development goals?
4. Planning for the Future: 
   Develop a plan + a vision for the path forward.

What will you learn with the Enneagram Package?
By understanding your core type, you will understand your own motivation and underlying needs. You will also understand how that drives your behavior. The robust report provides the following components to give you specific insight into how/what to access to live as the best version of YOU.

 • Main Ennegram Type
 • Three centres of Expression 
   (Head/Thinking, Heart/Feeling, Hands/Action)
 • Two wings to your Enneagram Type
 • Three Instincts/Your Subtype
    (self-preservation, one-on-one, group)
 • Contextual Strain/Your Stress Profile
 • Levels of Integration
    (development in relation to overcoming core fears)
 • Stress and Release points for your specific Enneagram Type

The Enneagram will provide a deep level of awareness and with that you will be able to:

• Create self awareness at the deepest levels of beliefs, concerns,
    and motivations
• Increase consciousness and self confidence, unlocking your power
• Connect and integrate your 3 centers of expression 
   (thinking, feeling, and action)
• Identify and shift patterns of thought and behavior that keep 
   you stuck in life
• Understand functional and dysfunctional behaviors and where 
   they come from
• Increase compassion and understanding for yourself and for others


Please contact me to set up your first session and learn why you do what you do!

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The Enneagram was the most

eye-opening and rewarding tool

I've used for self-improvement.

It's like reading a manual about

yourself and your personality in

a way that has never been expressed

by another person or personality test.  

Estee, Marketing Director