There’s nothing more rewarding than empowering others to make a difference in their own lives and businesses. Hear from some of the clients I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside in their own words below. For additional endorsements of my leadership development work, click here.




“Beyond the tangible outputs, I also wanted to achieve a greater self-awareness and be the best leader I could be to my team and exude the confidence and maturity that I know my team deserves. Jen was able to deliver that through actionable recommendations and exercises through things like the Enneagram and StrengthFinder that allowed me to find the best qualities of myself and apply them to my role as a leader. It’s these exercises as well as her guidance of how best to apply these insights that have allowed me to not only elevate myself but also people on my team. Her coaching has allowed me to coach my team better. The “shift positive” approach is a smart way to coach and provide actionable feedback that motivates vs demoralizes the coachee. Using this approach allows one to empower themselves and identify the ways in which they can improve themselves as well as the work and colleagues around them." ”
Angela, Group Director, Connections / Advertising / 2018


“ Jen is not only an amazing coach, but an incredible listener and supporter. From our first conversation, I knew she would quickly become someone I could easily trust and that I could feel comfortable talking to about anything. Over the course of 6 months of working together, she helped me uncover new insights about myself and personality, positively impacting how I view myself, my working relationships with colleagues, and how others view me in return. She coached me through an uneasy time in my career, in the end helping me overcome self-doubt and realize I am fully capable of accomplishing my goals. Through every conversation, she never once judged and always remained empathetic. I will forever remain grateful to Jen, knowing that I can always count on her as a resource, support system, and friend. The Enneagram was the most eye-opening and rewarding tool I've used for self-improvement. It's like reading a manual about your self and your personality in a way that has never been expressed by another person or personality test. For me, it helped uncover a key insight about myself that I never fully recognized - that I spend too much time worrying. Jen was incredibly helpful in breaking down the results and identifying actionable ways to apply the feedback, allowing me to make immediate changes and divert my worries into positive thoughts and actions. Since taking it, I've encouraged several friends to try it themselves, including my husband. We've used it as a tool to better understand one another and how we each cope in different situations. I would without a doubt recommend the Enneagram to anyone on a path to self-improvement and hope they see as positive an impact as I have. ”
Estee, Director / Marketing / 2018


“ I was busy achieving all the appropriate career goals in the correct order, when I realized a sad fact. Every morning I was filled with dread. What’s confusing is that my career was going very well. I just desperately needed to align my work-self with my self-self. And that’s exactly what Jenn helped me do. I’ve since changed my role at my job. I’m feeling lighter, happier and more optimistic. My life priorities have also shifted. That awful dread is gone. I wake up feeling happier with myself and pleased by the choices I’m making. I can now see that some of my perceived weaknesses are actually strengths. Looking back I’m amazed by all the positive changes that were a direct result from my work with Jenn. Work and life are inextricably intertwined. Taking time to decide if you are on the right path and how you might find more happiness in every day is not only worthy of our time, it may be some of the most important work we ever do. ”
Lara, Group Creative Director / Advertising / 2017


“ Working with Jen was a pivotal opportunity in my life – both personally and professionally. I had never worked with a coach before (nor did I think I needed to at any point) but when given the opportunity, I was floored. I grew more than I could have imagined over the course of six months working with Jen. Things in my day to day that felt exhausting or suffocating soon seemed to be manageable. And things that seemed so far away in my career seemed so within reach. What Jen brought out in me was a drive to not just let life happen around me. But to manifest in it what I could. And I ultimately landed the next step that I wanted in my career as well as knocked off personal and professional goals that I thought were years off. Not to mention, bettered my communication and relationships with others along the way. I can’t say enough great things about Jen and highly recommend her to anyone who has the opportunity to work with a coach! ”
Jessica, Talent Lead / Advertising / 2017


“ I started working with Jen because I was in an uninspired, unhappy place in my professional life and that was seeping into my personal life. During our work together I lost my job and in looking for a new position, found an environment that is both fulfilling and inspiring. By defining what I needed, I was able to find it. The same has happened throughout my personal life and I feel like I have a clearer understanding of the world and what I need from it. Jen has helped me realize that for healthy relationships, we must be accountable for ourselves and take that responsibility with full weight. I can now listen to my heart and respond with honesty – leading to a much happier and fulfilled life. No longer do I act based on my perceived expectations from those around me, but I am strong enough to listen to my own voice and let it sing. It has to be said that I always ended our sessions with a feeling of lightness, positivity and satisfaction from our discussions. Jen has a wonderful way of helping you clear and process your energy, on a regular basis.”
Chelsea, Creative Director / Advertising / 2016


“ Um, how many ways can I say AMAZING?!? Seriously though, these calls with you have been life changing and given me so much motivation and drive. And on my off days, they’ve given me the ability to forgive myself and give myself a pass to try harder the next day. I have grown so much and gotten to know myself a lot better through the process. Thank you so much, Jen. ”
Monica, Copywriter / Advertising / 2016


“ Jen is truly nothing short of amazing. She helped me see so much more about myself that was going on and contributing to things I needed to resolve and change than I had ever before realized needed changing. She was incredible at helping me connect the dots -- my dots -- all of them. More importantly, she helped me discover how patterns from earlier years at home and at school were playing out for me now in my professional life. Nothing that would be huge for anyone but me, and it all seemed to unfold and make sense. Along my journey she gently guided me and was a confidant and sounding board through it all. Anyone and everyone would benefit to have someone like Jen in their wings. The experience was eye opening and honestly, life changing. ”
Lori, Finance Director / Advertising / 2016

“ With Jen’s guidance, support and encouragement I was able to work through why I constantly felt “stuck” and also learned how to move forward with a renewed focus on my professional goals. The 360 process was incredibly helpful and eye-opening—it gave me a clear understanding of the strengths I innately possess and which I could leverage to become a successful leader. ”
Diana, Account Management / Advertising / 2016

“ I went to Jen because I was feeling overwhelmed by new responsibilities at work, and it began to spill over into other aspects of my life. The fact that Jen is a friend and industry mentor who understands our business made the decision to work with her an easy one, and one that I saw the benefits of almost immediately. Jen gave me the tools to be more confident and accountable in business decisions and interactions with clients and colleagues. She helped me better define and recognize the stresses in life that I could control and address vs. the inevitable, beyond-my-control noise I was often wasting energy on. This has helped me immensely professionally -- and of course has had residual positive effects on my personal life, relationships and happiness as well. ”
Maggie, Group Account Director, Principal / Advertising / 2016


“ I went into coaching skeptical about what it was and if it was right for me. But, within a minute of our first session, I became very excited to dive into the process of learning more about myself, what I really wanted for myself, and how I might live my most-fulfilled life. The impact of working with Jen has been nothing short of life-changing. Through exercises and discussions, I was able to clarify my goals and purpose in every area of my life and with Jen's support, became excited to achieve them. Best of all, I walked away with a great set of new tools to continue living my best life in the future. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Jen and highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity and inspiration to live their best, most authentic life. ”
Jenne, Copywriter / Advertising / 2015


“ In working with Jen I learned that I could be the kind of leader that was aligned with my personal beliefs and perspective. I learned that there is not a template for great leadership. And in fact, my strange thought had been that in order to be a leader, I had to become more like others I'd seen in leadership roles, or become less "myself," was totally incorrect. This process helped me realize that the opposite was true. I become a better leader when I trust myself and allow myself to be who I want to be. ”
Jason, UX Lead / Advertising / 2015


“ We each possess the ability to create meaningful change in our own lives. Yet, we don’t always know how to find, harness and focus these abilities. That’s where Jen comes into play. She helps guide you down the path with an experienced and kind yet firm hand. Jen helps get you to where you’re going and does so with a smile. She was a boon to me, and I trust she’ll be one to you if you give her the chance.”
T, Finance Executive + Budding Entrepreneur / 2014


“Part of realizing our full potential is carving out time to be purposeful about what we're doing and where we're heading. Jen has been invaluable in helping me maximize my success with The 3% Movement and other personal goals.”
Kat Gordon, Creative Director, Founder /  The 3% Movement / 2014


“I hired Jen primarily to help me solidify my professional brand, including gaining a better understanding of my strengths and what other key stakeholders valued most in my work. Jen conducted a 360 analysis with 8 of my international colleagues and provided an extensive report that proved very helpful. Her 360 methodology was strong and in turn provided clear and helpful feedback for my professional development. My work with Jen left me with a greater understanding of who I am which in turn has been invaluable in my growth as a leader and a person.”
John, Global Account Manager / Microsoft / 2014, 2015


“Jen helped me identify and focus on my key leadership strengths, so I could use those as a foundation on which to strengthen others. She gave me the tools, structure and perspective I needed to set myself up for success in my new role. There is no way I would be approaching my job and life with the same confidence and clarity had I not had the benefit of her coaching. Simply put, she's awesome.”
Kammie, Creative Director / Advertising / 2014


“As the CEO of a new start-up I worked with Jen to map out my vision for success - everything from the type of CEO I wanted to be, to shaping the company culture and values. Jen’s branding and strategy background was super helpful as she pushed me to think about myself and my company more deeply and then held me accountable for the goals I created. Having Jen as a coach keeps me focused and helps me make the best use of my most precious resource - time!”
Grant, CEO / Education/Gaming, codeSpark / 2014


“Over the past two years, I've had the good fortune of working with Ostrich Coaching on two separate coaching assignments. Jen's keen understanding of the creative and strategic process formed by years of experience within advertising agency environments translated well to the particular challenges I encountered on a daily basis in my design studio. By examining leadership attributes and charting marketing goals, we collaboratively envisioned a path towards professional development that spoke to the unique landscape of my architectural practice. Meeting every two weeks via Skype, Jen's coaching empowered me to recognize life's possibilities while fostering personal growth and change. If you're looking to break through old habits, I strongly recommend connecting with Ostrich Coaching.”
Chris, Principal / Architecture / 2012, 2013


“Jen has been a great partner to me in the last 6-months as I've transitioned into a new role at work and started to put more emphasis on achieving a work-life balance. Her coaching has helped me become a better leader, communicator, and person, and has inspired me more than I thought possible.”
Helen, VP, Director of Marketing / Fashion / 2013


“Jen is awesome. Her warm spirit, beautiful aura, and great sense of humor pulls you right in and opens your mind so you can analyze any continuous and reoccurring pitfalls. Since she’s FAR from judgmental, she will talk though your plans, thoughts, options, etc., and ultimately you make the decision based on what best for YOU. The caveat? If you are truly willing to change then that means you are also willing to do the mental work to pursue the change to which you seek. Jen is there to “help” recharge your excitement to pursue your dreams. Why not dream big and seek the guidance from a life coach such as Jen, so you can leap into your future with confidence and extra zest. ”
Dree, Manager, Business Affairs / Entertainment / 2013


“When I started with Jen I didn’t know what to expect. I was in a state of confusion in my life. I knew I wanted something different but wasn’t exactly clear on what that looked like. Jen was absolutely amazing! She helped me look inside and create a clear vision for myself and I feel so much better today. With her help, I let go of some baggage, I’m on a clear path and life feels good. I have a positive outlook on the future and I’m more present in the moments I have today. Jen truly cares about you. She’s so gentle. I recommend Life Coaching with Jen to all of my friends who are ready to take their life to the next level. It is possible. Sometimes we just need some help along the way. It’s totally worth the investment.”
Liz, Performance Coach / Gym Owner / 2013


“Jen is an extraordinary coach. She is professional and action-focused, wise, and incredibly perceptive and astute. She kept me honest and accountable to my goals, while allowing me plenty of space to redefine and hone my work with her. My coaching experience with Jen has been both professionally significant and I consider it a privilege to have worked with her.”
Lisa, Coach/Consultant / 2013


“I was stuck...And I knew I was stuck...I just didn't know how to stop digging the hole deeper. Jen helped me with a global perspective on who I was and what I wanted from my life. This perspective led me to the clarity needed to identify my short term goals. And accomplishing those short term goals has helped me shape my long term path.”
Anonymous, Writer/TV Entertainment / 2012


“I set out looking to transition into a new industry, and Jen could not have been more helpful. She is honest, makes you feel comfortable, and you get results without even realizing it. The number of "aha" moments is truly worthy of an A-ha! Don't stick your head in the sand; Jen is superb.”
David, Project Manager (formally an Entertainment PA) / 2012


"Jen is an outstanding coach.  When she takes you on as a client she becomes completely committed to your success.  What differentiates Jen in the Coaching field is her practical ability to move you from awareness to action.  She is extremely intuitive and will uncover both your greatest strengths and what's holding you back.  Her approach is supportive and motivating and when you bring your commitment, she will absolutely get you to where you want to go.”
Janice, Ernst & Young, Director, America's Executive Coaching Team / 2012


"I have a lot of balls in the air—and have always struggled with time management on any given week, especially as a freelancer within the entertainment industry. Jen was patient and systematic as we worked to create a framework to assess the bigger picture. I got excited about reaching goals, one step at a time—and loved checking in with my coach about every victory!!”
Regina, Actor, Writer, Producer / Entertainment / 2012


“It's been a truly educational experience working with Jen Ostrich as my career coach. I've learned that managing my own business and managing my career are incredibly challenging to do without some outside source really pushing you and helping you question your motivations and how to accomplish your goals. With Jen as my coach I can really work with someone to set goals and track my progress and figure out why and how I get off track.”
Amy, Entrepreneur / Arts / 2012, 2013


“Jen really helped me to understand my strengths and priorities. I felt stuck and discouraged when I started but now I have the tools and motivation to take on my new job.”
Jason, Project Manager / Advertising / 2012



“I engaged Jen to help me reposition our website and social media presence. She did an exceptional job. Our initial work together was to develop a CORE Branding Strategic Roadmap. Jen masterfully facilitated the process helping clarify BPIT Coaching’s core identity including core values, beliefs, the authentic benefits we provide and developing our brand blueprint. Her unique experience as a certified coach, advertising and branding expert, and facilitator resulted in practical deliverable and personal self awareness and understanding of our desired brand. Following this Jen did a masterful job coordinating the actual design, development and implementation of our site as well as updating my personal and the BPIT LinkedIn presence. I’m thrilled with the results and believe her personal style of drawing out my story, yet challenging me when I needed it drove the excellent outcomes.  
Russ Hall, Business Coach,  BPIT Coaching 

“I hired Jen to help clarify and energize my brand for True Summit Group, my leadership development and executive coaching practice. It was an awesome experience, and I came away with powerful insights and practical tools for growing and building my business. Jen's background and experience in advertising, branding and coaching make her a powerful, creative and resourceful consultant. She helped me link what is unique about me and True Summit Group to create a powerful message and is helping me implement the rollout. 
Clif Cannon, Executive Coach,  True Summit Group 


“I recently worked with Jen and she took me through her CORE Branding process.  I'm launching a personal and professional coaching business and was full of ideas, but had no idea how to pull them all together or how to present them to my potential customers.  Through Jen's CORE Branding process, she was able to help me identify an overall "umbrella theme" that all of my services and client-types could fall under, what my "brand promise" is, what the core values of my business are, the messages I will use in my marketing materials, and helped me to better organize just what exactly it is I am delivering to my clients that is of value to them. The process was extremely thorough and Jen was very insightful and knowledgeable. She was able to focus in on what I was saying, find common themes among my various ideas for services and target audiences, and helped to pull everything together for me. Jen was an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend this process to other entrepreneurs who want to position their brand more successfully and succinctly to their clients. I am currently under way creating my website and marketing materials using the brand positioning that was generated from the CORE process. Watch out world... here I come! 
Sandy Cramer, Chief Change Coach,  Intersect Coaching & Consulting  

“Jen Ostrich has done wonders for my brand. She has helped me find my own unique identity in my market. She is very organized. I was very impressed by how thorough she was with the understanding of the project goal. She delivers quality content and information that is relevant, creative and gave me a better understanding of my business. She is very easy to work with. Social media can be a full time job in itself and she helped me get organized so I could manage it all myself with out being overwhelmed. 
Traci Henningsen, Hair Stylist, Trace Henningsen 


“Working with Jennifer Ostrich on my marketing campaign for ArtSmart has been such a wonderful experience. I truly appreciate her wisdom and sound advice. She has helped me strategize on social media as well as traditional marketing for the business. I feel like we will continue to have a strong business relationship as ArtSmart grows and develops. 
Amy Davila, Founder / CEO  Artsmart Inc  


“Working with Jennifer Ostrich on my marketing Jen significantly helped fast-track our company when it came to helping me refine my messaging and brand identity. Even though developing brand identities is what we do for other business, I found when it comes to branding ourselves I need some outside help. Jen’s easygoing approach and agency experience has really helped me realize my goal of accurately branding KG Dynamic Group. 
Glenn Hermanes, President,  KG Dynamic Group  

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Over our six months of 

working together Jen helped

me uncover new insights about 

myself and my personality, 

positively impacting how I

view myself.