Have you recently been promoted to a leadership position? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your role? Or perhaps you’ve received some feedback that you’d like to change? Then leadership coaching is an effective resource.

Leadership coaching helps leaders identify and focus on their professional goals and in turn work more effectively inside an organization. Where applicable the process can involve gathering 360° feedback from key team members so the leader can hear different perspectives on his/her leadership style. Creating a deeper awareness of how a leader is impacting the team and organization at large is typically the first step toward change. I use an approach that I co-created with another coaching colleague, Shift Positive 360. Shift+ 360 is a narriative approach where I interview key stakeholders. This process is grounded in positive psychology which is a focus on what is good and is working vs what's broken. This approach focues on what to do vs not to do. In the end the coachee is able to see the feedback as a beneficial guide to help them get to where they want to be and as a result it's quite an enjoyable experience vs the typical "dread" of feedback. 


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Together we will build awareness and craft your leadership brand - something that's completely unique and authentic to you. As a leadership coach, I partner with you to define and then achieve your goals. I do not advise or consult on how you should conduct business but instead help you determine where you need to go next given the goals. I am supportive while also holding you accountable to your own goals. Leadership coaching is designed to have a measurable outcome so together we will define what success looks like and hold each other to it.

Leadership goals can be both professional and also personal as noted here. If you're interested in leadership coaching, receiving a Shift+ 360, or my leadership workshops for yourself or your company, please contact me. 


Layoff Package: 

For companies who are downsizing, I offer a transition coaching package that can help employees land on their feet after a layoff. Feel free to contact me to learn more and together we can determine what’s best for your company’s needs.

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Coaches anchor people to their own 

internal strengths; they inspire 

organizations to dream beyond their plans.

They apply emoitonal and intellectual 

intelligence to the long haul of life and work.  

Frederic M. Hudson, Ph.D.